Stress * Tension * Aches * Pain
Stress and tension causing pain discomfort and loss of
sleep has become a major problem with over 75 percent of
most people in this country. Stress is a silent killer which
can result in numerous health problems even death!

At Houston Massages I Specialize in Massage Therapy and
Muscular Rehabilitation
for repetitive strain, various types of injuries and chronic stress syndromes.
Not just an indulgence but a necessity in today's hectic world, we offer a transcendent
atmosphere and a regenerating pause from the pressures of everyday life, for a perfect escape
into physical and spiritual wellness. Massage is not just a luxury, although often luxurious, but
rather a fundamental resource to your good health and well-being.

We work with you to identify your goals for treatment, whether you are looking for relaxation
from the stress of the day, or therapeutic massage designed to treat specific symptoms. Our
Treatments are very beneficial and it is our philosophy to blend all elements of massage to
provide you with the very best treatment designed specifically for you and your individual needs.

With an intention of healing and with your well-being at the forefront of our thoughts, let us    
provide you with a refuge of tranquility and renewal, allowing the stress to drift away as you  
retreat from the cares of the world.  
It's Your Time To Relax!
Specializing in
Neck / Shoulder
& Low Back Pain

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