Types of Massage
                 Deep Tissue Massage / Pregnancy Massage / Relaxation Massage
                                         Neuromuscular Medical Massage

Modern studies have shown that Massage can be used to successfully help with a variety of
disorders, including:
Chronic pain
Stress & Tension
Relaxation Massage (60 Minute) $39 (90 Minute) $59                     
The Swedish massage is a powerful way to regain vitality and fitness.
It is a dynamic technique, which seeks to combat muscle and joint tension. Its application seeks
invigorating the elimination of toxins, thus producing in the human body, the same effect as a

Deep Tissue (60 Minute) $39 / (90 Minutes) $59
Deep Tissue Massage designed to offer very effective relief for chronic skeletal muscular pain
due to stress & tension.

Pregnancy Massage (60 Minute) $39
Pregnancy Massage can help alleviate many of the symptoms and conditions associated with
pregnancy. During this amazing time of physical and emotional change, massage can be of
enormous benefit to both the mother and baby. The Massage helps to prepare the body for the
changes that occur during this special time and will help promote a healthy, happy pregnancy,
birth and recovery period.


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